Friday, May 20, 2016

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Something To Remember During This Election Season (music friday)

Someone Just Sent Hillary That Story About The Kremlin Releasing Those 20,000 Emails

Not Trying To Get Anyone's Hopes Up....

But don't forget next week will supposedly be the end of the FBI investigation when they finally interview Hillary Clinton. One thing that came out earlier this week which I still don't buy but which would be AMAZING if it actually happened (...I mean it wouldn't be good but it would be very schadenfreude'ry since Hilldawg would get the entire blame) is that Russia might release 20,000 of Hillary's emails that they hacked out of spite or whatever. Time to hit the reset button! Oh well, here's Judge Nap raising expectations and saying it's most likely felony charges. p.s. And by the way, If you look up Hilldawg's speech schedule, she didn't have anything scheduled from yesterday till next Wednesday. Too bad FBI agents don't have a sense of humor or they would have scheduled the interview for today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Here's former US Attorney Joseph di Genova going off on Hillary and her email scandal. A couple points first though, one, he thinks there are definitely charges coming for Hillary, although he says she might be afforded misdemeanor charges, and also that Loretta Lynch will probably appoint a special council ("if she's smart") bet accordingly. Second, at 12:51, he lays into the incompetence of House Republicans, so that's pretty fun considering that today seems to be Hey, People Who Want To Burn It All Down, Republicans Actually Did A Really Good Job These Past Few Years Day on Twitter. Oh well.

Gonna be a real shame when Hillary's not indicted.