Thursday, May 14, 2009

And I Lied, And You Lied, What Pretty Little Things We Are

The real reasons why Nancy Pelosi is lying about whether she knew waterboarding was being used by the CIA.
  1. She holds stock in Waterboard Inc.

  2. She enjoys the soothing sound of water cascading... and the sound of screaming!

  3. She thought they said waterbreading.

  4. She's trying to hide the fact that that wasn't really water they were using.

  5. There are pictures of her pointing at a guy's junk.

  6. She had skipped out that day for a spring-training game.

  7. She's actually one of the X-Men. Main superpower... waterboarding!

  8. She was more concerned with quietly opening a bag of chips during the briefing.

  9. Doesn't want people to know that waterboarding really works, and that she uses it on her interns every night.

  10. She's hiding the fact that terrorists were only soaked in water so they could be fed to the rancor.

  11. Anthropologists have discovered that in her language, lying and telling the truth are the same word.

  12. She didn't know she was going to be tested on all this stuff later.

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