Monday, July 6, 2009

The Day They Drove Ole Sarah Down

Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, resigned last week. After less than a year in the major media spotlight, she quit, right out of the blue. You could say that major ethics investigations and falling approval ratings were to blame, but the media is having none of that. Before she was nominated to be vice-president last year, she hadn't had any investigations and her approval ratings were in the 80's, so the media is greedily latching on to this story as a victory for the power of the press. Of course, they really haven't had a very good year, or even decade for that matter. Circulation is down for newspapers, advertising is down everywhere, and bloggers and other independent media are pointing out their bias and their more blatant lies. Just the other day, the Washington Post was caught in an influence peddling scandal, so they really needed some good news. And last week they got it. The best thing about the Sarah Palin story is that the press can still destroy someone's career without even having had a scandal.

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