Friday, July 31, 2009

Man Bites Dog

For no good reason, other than insomnia, these are titles of real articles I have found in reputable British and American papers that might as well have come from a satirical humor website like The Onion.

  • Rotten office fridge cleanup sends 7 to hospital
  • Pet doors may pose danger to curious children
  • Monkeys ponder what could have been, researchers say
  • Shoppers, unite! Carrot mobs are cooler than boycotts
  • Ice cream maker flies in Italian tenor to sing to cows
  • U.S. defense chief praises soldier in pink boxers, flip-flops
  • Michelle Obama says White House life is great boon to family
  • Genetically engineered monkeys pass green glow to offspring
  • Mo. Burger King refuses to serve baby without shoes
  • General Motors has to focus on its cars to boost sales
  • Blagojevich calls wife's tarantula-eating an 'act of love'

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