Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Left Can't Take a Joke(r)

A poster appeared in L.A. this week spoofing Obama, with the word "socialism" underneath. It looks like the same sort of commentary that Bush received during his eight years, but there's a problem. Lefties can't take a joke, or in this case, they can't take a joker. At least not when it comes to making fun of poor little Obama. Apparently, the cultists that call Obama "god" have trouble even understanding criticism of "the one". Of course, they certainly didn't have trouble comparing Bush to Hitler, but whatever. If you google "Hitler Bush" you get 23 MILLION hits. What's really funny is the lefties didn't have trouble comparing Bush to the Joker, because that was obvious, and this is just "politically mean spirited and dangerous", as one Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President said. What is especially amusing, to me at least, is that ANY criticism of Obama carries "racial overtones", because, you know, he's Black. Given how painful criticism of Obama is for the left, I certainly hope no one portrays Obama as a monkey like they did with George Bush. That might be too much for the rest of us to take.

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