Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why My Eyes Won't Stop Bleeding

AAAAAAAA!!!!!! My Eyes!!! My Brain!! Whyyyyy!!!!!!....at least that's what I screamed when I read this nightmare-inducing story. The article focuses on the lack of journalistic integrity at CNN(!), but the horrible skeevy redheaded elephant in the room is Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston having..."relations". That's right, 48 year old Kathy Griffin, who wouldn't even be the prettiest girl in a drag queen beauty contest, has hooked up with Bristol Palin's 19 year old ex-beau. She could be joking but even that sends me into convulsions. Watch the horror show if you don't mind not sleeping tonight. I'm sure you're asking what the poor misguided little dude was thinking. He was probably thinking the exact same thing that this gentleman was thinking. Well maybe not exactly, the traffic cones in Scotland might not be Kathy Griffin orange.

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