Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't Tread On Norway

Norway is the best place to live according to the UN. The United States is the 13th best place to live in the world. "The top ten countries listed on the index are: Norway, Australia, Iceland, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Switzerland and Japan." "The index compiled by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) ranks 182 countries based on such criteria as life expectancy, literacy, school enrolment and gross domestic product (GDP) per capita." It does make me wonder what would happen if most of the countries ahead of the U.S. were forced to expend more of their GDP to defend their own countries. Would that reduce their GDPs? Would some of that money come out of health care or education? Probably. But then again, America is terrible. We don't give enough of our money to other countries. We don't damage our economy enough in support of environmental caps (which the rest of the world doesn't feel like implementing either, by the way). We monger war and respond to imaginary threats as if we somehow learned something from those world wars we had a few years back. It's not surprising then that so many of these countries think of America as the greatest threat to world peace is it?

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