Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hey Lawyers, Obama Wuvs You Back!

Obama signed a hate crimes bill into law wednesday. Well actually it was a defense budget with the hate crimes bill tacked on but that shouldn't be pointed out since this is the most transparent administration evah! The smart fellas at Stop The ACLU point out that this hate crimes bill may be a way around the constitution in that you could be tried twice for the same crime, once on the state level, where you could be found innocent, and then again on the federal level, regardless as to what the state ruled. Go read this and this, because as per usual, Stop The ACLU write excellent articles. But unfortunately, these aren't the type of issues Obama is concerned with. Obama is all about Obama, and since Obama is a lawyer, Obama is all about the lawyers. As Stop The ACLU points out, lawyers will make a killing prosecuting the same crime twice. We can't even get tort reform passed in the ObamaCare bill because then lawyers wouldn't be able to make mad cash from other people's suffering (and then donate it to the Dems whom they love). And for those of you touting Obama courageously standing up for gays or transgenders, ask yourself why Obama didn't champion this part of the bill the way he has for healthcare, or why this is hidden in a defense appropriations bill in the first place. Obama supports those that can benefit his administration right now and right now the only group that Obama seems to uncompromisingly support are lawyers.

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