Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's A Sham Trial, For Justice!

This could end in any number of horrible ways, but Eric Holder, Obama's attorney general and noted race-baiter, has decided that he is going to hold the trial of the 9/11 conspirators in civilian court. He has already implied that he will get a conviction, which makes this sound like a sham trial, but honestly, anything less than the death penalty will make Holder and Obama look even more naive and incompetent than they were when they decided against using military tribunals to try these terrorists. The trial looks like it will last a very long time, especially when you consider that it could be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. If this starts to look bad for the Obama administration, the first one to be thrown overboard will be Eric Holder. But I still have some other questions.

  • How are they not going to release classified information?

  • How many times will this be appealed?

  • When other terrorists attack in retaliation for holding a public trial of one of their own, will they attack during the trial, after the trial, or will they courteously wait until after the sentencing?

  • Will Khalid Sheikh Mohammed have to try on any gloves?

  • How much evidence will be thrown out because it was torture induced? A lot or all of it?

  • Will waterboarding come up?

  • Will Dick Cheney burst into the courtroom and kill all the terrorists with his bare hands?

  • Will the defense lawyers use "The Chewbacca Defense"?

  • Will they show the Carrie Prejean sex tape even though it has nothing to do with the trial?

  • With all of the media attention this will receive, will big Muslim beards and long robes finally supplant the Mad Men skinny tie trend?

  • Will Khalid Sheikh Mohammed be forced to reveal his true identity?

  • Will the judge wear a shorty robe?

  • Will the phrase, "That's what she said!" come up under cross examination?

  • Will taxpayers, fed up that they have to pay for lawyer fees and goat rental for these chomos, finally decide that posse justice is the best kind of justice?

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