Monday, November 16, 2009

Terrorist Sympathizer Calls Americans Un-American

Representative Jim Moran (D-VA) is a special kind of idiot. Jim Moran refers to anyone who disagrees with Obama's decision to try the 9/11 conspirators in civilian courts rather than in military tribunals "un-American". I guess some people might be upset that the terrorists are going to receive the same rights in court as New Yorkers, the same New Yorkers that the terrorists were trying to destroy. Can't you just see the irony! No wait, not "irony", that should be "middle finger". Now, we've seen this kind of willful stupidity before, especially during the summer when the Tea Party movement was in full swing, but that was regarding a policy disagreement on whether we need to nationalize health insurance (and necessarily, health care) in this country. That name-calling was ridiculously petty, but Jim Moran's comments are a little different. The trial is for a group of people who have already attacked our country. We've been holding them to gain information about terrorists, and when they were no longer useful, they would get a trial in front of a military tribunal, because they are war criminals. This is long awaited justice that Jim Moran could have been championing for years, but instead has chosen to devote his energy to a much worse option, politicising their detention at Guantanamo Bay while trying to shut down the prison, bringing the terrorists to New York City to hold a show trial, and insulting those who disagree him, especially those who have lost loved-ones because of these specific terrorists. I disagree with him, of course, but li'l ol' un-American that I be, I think we need another option. What we need is for Jim Moran to go away. We can't let the world see that members of our own government care more about the rights of terrorists (the real un-Americans) than they do about actual Americans. He needs to be shunned by society. With no one left to help him in his life, eventually he'll step in front of a car, stick his tongue in an electrical socket, or forget to close his mouth in the shower. However it happens, the world will be a better place. And "until we do that, it only strengthens the hand of people who recruit new terrorists with the claim we aren't true to our principles."

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