Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Rope Would've Been Cheaper

The D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad has been executed today in Virginia. "He is absolutely unafraid and he will die with dignity — dignity to the point of defiance," his lawyer said before his painless execution, the irony being that the innocent people he killed did not die with dignity, but instead died horribly painful bleeding deaths. Unfortunately for his victims, he died through lethal injection rather than the method I would have chosen for him, a pick-axe to the forehead. But that's what our judicial system calls justice, I guess. I don't call it that because he basically received the same end of life treatment that you would have given to a terminally ill cancer patient in a euthanasia case, and I don't equate a patient trying to alleviate pain with what Muhammad has done. But apparently, our judicial system does.

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