Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Is Anderson Cooper Such A Pedophile?

I guess the term "teabagger" has taken hold in our unbiased non-state-run mainstream media. Keep in mind, these aren't leftwing nutbag bloggers spouting off at the "evil" Republicans, but genuine bonafide news organizations. Fox News isn't using the term, but as Barack Obama keeps telling us, they're not a news organization. I'm not sure why the media has decided to attach this particular term to Tea Partiers, but they do appear to be sticking it to the people who don't agree with the Democratic Party platform. These Tea Party people need to be punished, with ridicule, and the media is certainly trying to force their characterization of them on the American people. Can you imagine how silly Jon Stewart of The Daily Show felt when he found out that CNN and MSNBC had already used the term before he did on his news satire show. He was beaten to a lame joke by real news organizations, which I guess is part of their jobs now. I believe Anderson Cooper was the first of the journalistic giants to use the word, and he must be tremendously proud. Being a humble blogger, I can't hope to live up to the high standards of journalism that the likes of CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, or even The Providence Journal can attain by turning their collective forces on some unsuspecting dissenters. That kind of integrity takes years to build, and using a crude sexual term must just add another brick to that already strong foundation. But for myself, I would like to presumptuously coin or "reassign" a word to more accurately describe these unconditional supporters of Barack Obama, pedophiles. Now before you pedophiles get all upset at me for using that term, think about it. You love Obama, but in the world of politics, Obama is basically a child. John McCain spent more time in a POW camp than Obama has spent as a politician. Obama was running for President when he only had two years on the job as Senator. And when you look at the amateurish way that Obama has been trying to foist his socialist policies on the American people, it's almost as if he was born yesterday. It makes more sense to call Chris Matthews(a real person) of MSNBC(not a real network) a pedophile than to call people concerned by proposed government programs "teabaggers". Have you seen the way Chris Matthews talks about Obama. Have you heard Matthews tell his viewers how Obama's speeches makes him "tingle"? Creepy. And he's certainly not the only one. Is Anderson Cooper's use of the word "teabagger" a sign of his derision toward those who disagree with this President, or a Freudian slip his President? Frankly, it's hard to imagine anyone at CNN, or MSNBC for that matter, who isn't a pedophile. And once again, I'm not saying these media people have sex with children, I'm just saying they journalism.


  1. believe Anderson Cooper was the first of the journalistic giants to use the word

    Not true. It was first used as a joke term for protesters on websites and then was picked up by MSNBC personalities like Anna Marie Cox, Rachel Maddow and David Shuster who made extensive political jokes with the phrase. Anderson Cooper's joke came after that and in context he was talking about republican politicians at the time, not the regular protesters, and Cooper had previously participated in a skit that showed Code Pink protesters in a mocking light.

    The first use of tea bagging as a verb in connection with the protesters actually began with some protester organizers themselves, however, who were unfortunate enough not to realize the phrase had a second meaning so they sounded goofy. You can see the verb use like "tea bag Obama" on right wing tea party blogs like this one which preceded and inspired the use by the left. Liberals noticed the unfortunate language use and ran with it.

    Until members of the left accidentally make themselves look silly by exhorting each other to do something like “blow the republicans” or “pedophile Rush Limbaugh” the right isn’t in a comparable position to create the same sort of joke.

  2. The point I was trying to make is that it's completely inappropriate for mainstream media to engage in name calling. They're not bloggers and they're not comedians. As for who said it first, I'm sure you're right, I just happened to see Anderson Cooper use the term first, and he's the one that annoyed me.