Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Best Metaphor For Voting For ObamaCare That I've Seen So Far

Remember last year when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were trying to lasso in some votes for ObamaCare and they told those reticent Democrats how they could use their yes vote to campaign and get reelected, because ObamaCare was like totally going to be popular once people "found out what was in it"? Oddly enough, it hasn't worked out that way. Most polls are showing a tidal wave of lost seats for the Democrats, and also losing control of the House. They may even lose control of the Senate. But don't weep for those poor lost misguided little Democrats, they served their purpose. In fact, it's their own fault. They should have been suspicious when Nancy Pelosi asked them, "Would you rather be a potato or a carrot?"

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