Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Election Prediction Time

I might as well get this over with now. Do Republicans win the House? Say goodbye to Nancy, cause she...is...outta...here! Although that's not much of a surprise. RealClear Politics has Republicans winning 223 seats now, which gives them a gain of 45 seats when they needed 39 to get a majority, and that's without even counting the 34 toss-ups, quite a few of which the Republicans can still win. Now, do Republicans win the Senate? Nah. Right now, RealClear has it 49 to 45 for the Dems. Unfortunately Barbara Boxer is not listed as a tossup anymore, which sucks. That leaves 6 tossup states.
  • Colorado-Republican win.
  • Illinois-I want to say Republican, but this is Illinois.
  • Nevada-Harry Reid loses! (I hope).
  • Pennsylvania-I'm leaning Republican here.
  • Washington-Poor Dino Rossi (R), That's like 3 lost elections in a row.
  • West Virginia-This should be a Republican pickup, but probably not.

Which leaves us at 51 Democrat senators, 49 Republicans, although it could be as bad as 53-47. I've still got my fingers crossed that something big will happen and surprise everyone. Barney Frank or Boxer losing would be good. Either way, it puts Obama's legislative reign of terror to an end. Now we get to see his presidential abuse-of-power side. Woohoo!

Addendum: And unfortunately I think Jerry Brown might win governor of California. Do I care because someone of a different political stripe won? No, I care because I live the next state over, and the same idiots that elect this trash are the first ones to leave after they make a mess of their own state. If they kept their mistakes in their own state, this wouldn't be so bad, but they're electing Jerry Freakin' Brown(via iowntheworld.com)...

Update: 11/4 Republicans won the House big. As for my senate predictions, out of the six, it looks like I got four right although some have moved on to hand counts. And the only one that surprises me is Colorado. What the heck happened to Colorado?

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