Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rahm Emanuel Is The New Mayor of ChicagoLand!

Via The DrudgeReport, people are actually challenging the fact that Rahm Emanuel lived in Chicago these past two years even though he didn't actually live in Chicago these past two years. Yeah, I know, crazy. It seems that to be the mayor of Chicago you have to actually live there, and also prove that you've lived there for a year. In most places you would think the answer to the question, "Where has the President's chief of staff, who has lived in Washington D.C. these past two years, lived these past two years?" With the answer being, "Not Chicago". But, this is Chicago. What Rahm Emanuel is saying is that even though everyone knew he was in Washington D.C., he was simultaneously living in Chicago. It's like quantum mechanics, except instead of electrons, you have douchebags. Of course if Chicagoans really do buy this lode of squirrel leavin's (keeping in mind Rahm's ability to bend facts, threaten people with dead fish and the media's sychophantic loyalty to him), he's pretty much Chicago's mayor already. Because if he can argue that he was in two places at once and win, are you really going to argue that he didn't win the election even though he didn't get the most votes?

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