Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Did Jon Stewart Cross The Road?

Because the White House told him to. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs gave Stewart a delicious toffee during a Tuesday press conference because, like a good little puppet, he furthered the media meme that Republicans are big ol' meanies who hate adorable puppies and orphans. There can't be anything deeper than that when Republicans do anything, right? What wasn't mentioned at this press conference, (or by Jon Stewart for that matter)? That Democrats could have easily passed the bill on their own when they had a filibuster-proof Congress instead of doing it now during the lame duck session. I'm not sure whose turn it was to brief Jon Stewart this time, but we already know Tim Geithner's got the job whenever Jon Stewart needs to parrot something on the economy. And if you're keeping score via Jim Treacher's clown nose on/clown nose off thing, it's clown nose off.


  1. Stewart is just one more toadie of the Obama Ministry of Propaganda

  2. It's his snottiness that's so annoying, like people can't see what he is.