Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I Suddenly Realized All Of A Sudden

  • The best time to make sausage.... is when they least expect it.

  • I really hate Hitler. That guy totally ruined Charlie Chaplin mustaches for the rest of us.

  • If the theory of evolution is correct, wouldn't we have furrier feet?

  • Ritalin is a contributing factor in childhood obesity

  • I really hate British soccer announcers

  • One man's "composting" is another man's "getting rid of evidence", especially if the another man is a cop.


  1. Twisted! Which is why I keep coming back...

    Thanks for the Friday Morning Laugh!

  2. Thanks to Hitler, Michael Jordan now looks like a total dumbazz.

  3. I've seen your trolls, SilverFiddle, coming over here is a break from the twisted people.

    Inno, he's looked like that for a while. Even without the mustache(Zing!)