Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Just Isn't Funny Anymore

Obama's lack of a response regarding the situation in Libya was because he had a scheduling issue. No, I'm serious, that is his excuse. Not whatever the hell Allahpundit's been saying this past week, but a scheduling issue. It may be time to talk impeachment. I'm so...confused...but... with a touch of blinding rage... followed by inconsolable shame. I'm so annoyed right now, I can't even think up anything funny to say, like reasons that Obama was too busy to respond to an international crisis. Such as...
  • Michelle had an ass flat so Obama was calling around all week trying to find a new one in the same make and model.
  • He still hasn't gotten over the Bears loss in the playoffs. He just sits in the dark listening to the Superbowl Shuffle over and over.
  • He was partying with Charlie Sheen (and therefore...)
  • He's back on the Cocaine Train.
  • He was partying with new mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel (and therefore...)
  • He was in jail and had to be bailed out after being arrested at Man's Country for causing "an incident".
  • Biden gave him directions to the White House kitchen and he's been lost this whole time.
  • He's been held spellbound for weeks by Natalie Portman's nuanced yet powerful portrayal of The Black Swan.
  • He was listening to the really long version of Desperado, and no one interupts him when he's listening to Desperado.
  • He couldn't find anything to wear for the press conference. You know how it is. Am I right, ladies?
  • He tried to sneak a cigarette and accidently locked himself in a closet.
  • He was looking for his birth certificate.
  • He was trying to think of more people to offend so he could have another beer summit. Seriously, that was some tasty beer.
  • He thought if he spoke out, people would think he was an incompetent sham president who only got elected because....oh wait...

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