Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Viva Random Lyrics

I don't learn from mistake
Viva erratic viva uncertaintay
I left time to say
Viva enigma viva your mysteray

I lay patiently wait
Viewing with pleasure all your activitays
I script every line
As you down bottles of pure miseray

For there's been nothing in this world ever like the show

And it's the stuff that gets you up in the morning
And it's the stuff that keeps you dancing as I'm buying
And selling you as if you were the same
As the boots I am wearing

But I don't change things and change things
I'd be very leary of who does
But if pillars of steam add a gold sheen to Virginia sunsets
You could learn to love
And now my ego's wailing

She can't tell her daddy who she loves
It's those white mans' game
For there was not a day they were onto us


  1. Um...yeah. Look man, what's the deal? I posted on your facebook page dohicky and I get no response. So I wander over here and find you and Casino Nova huddled together in a back alley yodeling Mesikin love ballads while taking tear flavored swigs from your moonshine jug.

    I need to get an honest days work out you my friends. I built an entire website in like 36 hours and plan on featuring your creative writing talents. Or I could just copy and paste anything you guys write. I'm a busy man.

    Anyway, go here http://www.evilconservatives.net/index.php and I'll either make you semi famous and/or get you indicted as a co-conspirator. Either one will good on the resume.

    Aaron Burr

  2. "Look" good on the resume....bah...you can edit stuff at my swanky new digs.