Friday, April 8, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones Strikes Again

No, I'm not talking about those UN workers who were killed by Muslims because Pastor Terry Jones burned a bunch of Korans in Florida or wherever. I'm talking about the rash of hobo murders that have been occurring in my neighborhood since Terry Jones started burning Korans. The media (and some idiotic Senators) have made it clear that Muslims who murder people are not solely responsible as long as anyone, in any way, perturbs them. Which brings us to these hobo murders. That pastor guy burns some Korans and all of a sudden hobo bodies start showing up in alleys, floating in swimming pools and accidently falling off buildings? It's Muslims! There's simply no other explanation! And while some people (specifically the police who were questioning me about how my fingerprints ended up on those bindles and floppy shoes that were arranged to spell out "koran") may say that this has something to do with a illegal drug factory that may or may not be providing certain people with supplemental income in these harsh economic times, there's no mistaking the fact that Terry Jones is just plain responsible for inciting even more Muslims to kill innocent bystanders. Clearly, if Pastor Jones were locked up so that he couldn't burn any more Korans, these hobo killings would stop. Unless of course I needed more drug mules.

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