Friday, April 8, 2011

We Always Hurt 'The One' We Love

I'll admit it, I've been taking Obama for granted. Like most people, I've never realized the significance of electing someone named Barack Hussein Obama. Also William Howard Taft, but that's a different story. Anyways, I've decided to make amends...
  • I will refrain from drawing a mustache on the icon-like painting that the ObamaCare bill mandates we put up in our homes. (Man, I really wish we had read that thing more carefully).
  • No more jokes referring to him as a woman unless I think I can get a laugh.
  • I will stop asking for his birth certificate because seriously, if he's this intent on hiding it, it's got to be pretty darned scary.
  • I will finally give Obama credit for all those volcanic eruptions he's prevented.  
  • No more jokes about the White House property being a sasquatch preserve. 
  • I will make sure at least one part of my anatomy is facing Mecca the next time I vote.
  • I will not talk about Obama like a dog anymore. I will however continue to talk about him like a cat.
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    1. Well, you can still make fun of his advisers. That's a target rich environment.