Friday, September 2, 2011

The Post Wherein I Try To Break My Writer's Block

Or blogger's block, whatever. I was just thinking that maybe Obama doesn't need to wait till next year to know whether he'll be elected. September and October are kind of notorious for market crashes and judging from the fact that I'm blogging from under a table in the fetal position, this may indicate that there is some uneasiness in the economy. First there were rumors that Bank of America was in trouble and then Warren Buffett confirmed those rumors by giving them a mini-bailout. Now, Obama is suing EVERYONE with a bank. Especially Bank Of America, who was already getting sued. And who's up for even worse unemployment? Not me, but then nobody ever asks me. And Europe? Good Lord, are they screwed. Yeah, they actually make us look good. Which is like saying, "Yeah, I'm a victim of John Wayne Gacy, but at least it wasn't Jeffrey Dahmer who got me". But at least we have a president in charge who's...who's...


  1. Hey, if you're trying to break the spotty-blogging habit, first you've got to admit you have a problem :-)

  2. I was just planning to leave the computer on and knock back a six pack of cheap beer and see what happens. Like always. Also thanks Harvey.