Friday, December 23, 2011

Our B+ President Is Being Graded On A Curve

A really generous curve. Playing Protect The Retard™ the other day, Tommy Christopher corrects New Jersey governor Chris Christie's assertion that Barack Obama had a full two years of filibuster-proof-to-pass-any-bill-I-want majority in Congress cause c'mon he only had like 7 months. And while you may wonder how a former community organizer couldn't have gotten by with just 59 votes and then used his considerable community organizer-y powers to muster more than zero votes, Tommy moves on to the advanced version of Protect The Retard (Special Edition)™ to explain that, really, he actually only had 14 weeks. I'm not sure why anyone would be drawing attention to how ineffective Obama has been as President but if they really want to pad his record they could also factor in his vacation and cocktail party time. Then they could knock his filibuster-proof Congress time down to maybe one afternoon. On a Friday. And you know no one wants to work on a Friday afternoon.

p.s. If this is the kind of crap that journalists are shoveling now to protect this adorable little puppy of a president, then next year's election season is going to be absolutely delicious.

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