Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Presidentialish Predictions

That's right, more crazy predictions. I think Arizona Senator Jon Kyl will be Romney's vice-president. He's retiring this year and he has already said that he's done with politics. Unless someone asks him to be vice-president. He actually said that. How convenient. I also think Romney will be far enough up in the polls in the coming months that he won't have to make an 'exciting' pick like McCain had too. Plus Kyl is a safe pick that the media won't be able to demagogue. Of course if it's close or Romney's not ahead in the polls then I think they're corralling Rubio to try and seal up Florida.

Which gets us to Joe Biden. He's gone. Under the bus. Outta heeeerrreee. I really don't see him staying once Obama gets desperate and I think that might be soon if the economy keeps showing signs of fading. Obama may not be a terribly savvy politician but his advisors are already freaking out now. And of course they're going to pick Hillary. She may not like it, but I don't see any way that she can say no.

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