Thursday, May 24, 2012

So Yeah, Reverend Wright Is Totally Fair Game

Apparently it's ok to stalk members of Romney's church now or something. I guess the media got pretty embarrassed when people found out that they forgot to vet that last guy during the last election. Or after it. Or during this election. But anyway now they're working overtime to right this terrible wrong by... going after Romney. Hey, did you see CNN tracking down Romney's relatives in some small town in Mexico earlier this month? That's hard hitting journalism that will surely restore peoples' trust in the media again. Which I guess is why The New York Times decided to hassle parishioners at Romney's church. And you'll never guess what they found...

"The way I reported the story is I really talked to members of the LDS church who are close to Romney, who have worshiped with him over the years, who really know him. And they see one conflict in particular, which is between the kind of ideals that Romney professed in church. He put a lot of emphasis on treating other people well, on being sensitive and respectful, on being generous and giving, talked a lot about Jesus' lessons in those manner. And yet these Mormons see the way Romney is carrying out political attacks, some of which are very harsh and they see a conflict between what he taught in church and what he does on the campaign trail,"

Wow, so members of Romney's own church don't like Romney's political ads, just like Obama? That's kind of convenient for a political advocate of Obama, like The New York Times, to report, isn't it? I just have a question. I thought Mormons don't let outsiders into their churches. She makes it sound like she actually went into the church to interview people. So did she interview them outside of the church? Did she follow them home? Or is this one of those Mormon churches where they let anyone walk through the doors? Because otherwise it sounds like she's lying and she just made up a story. And The New York Times published it. Which is exactly what you'd expect from The New York Times.

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