Friday, August 31, 2012

Have A Nice Week, Barry

First off, I liked Mitt Romney's speech. I don't know why but since he is a politician I just assumed he would give an adequate speech. It was a little better than good, actually quite presidential. I know the media is going to go off on the suddenly senile Clint Eastwood but I liked his speech. He came off more folksy which the media would have loved if he was supporting Obama but now he's too old and he's also senile. Just like Bill Clinton was a few weeks ago. But not next week. I will say non-politicos I know also liked Clint Eastwood's speech, especially the lines about crying over the number of unemployed and letting someone go if he's not doing a good job, so I don't know how to gauge the media hysterics. For me, the highlight of the night was Marco Rubio's speech. Very good (and dare I say presidential) and probably my favorite speech out of the entire convention.

Which leads us to what Obama is going to do next week. He has nothing to run on and he basically is nothing in terms of character so it's been decided that next week will be some sort of Lillith Fair. He's apparently going to cut bait on every voting group except for (single) women with maybe some pandering to Hispanics. After the generally high quality Republican convention, replete with women and ...gasp...minorities and especially after Clint Eastwood, I have a hard time believing that the Dems aren't going to make some changes to their convention. If you look through the list of speakers, it just looks...small. It's narrowly focused on a few issues and I just don't see how that's going to inspire Democrats, let alone swing voters. So let's see if George Clooney changes his schedule next week so Obama can attract more wome...oh wait.

And maybe Obama would have preferred a different week to have the election. Not only will Romney finally be able to spend the money he's been stockpiling for months with ads that will run over the convention, but a few other things are happening.

According to zerohedge the US debt officially tops $16 trillion dollars next week. That's trillion, with a T. How would you like to have that message running around swing states while you're talking about how birth control should be free?

Oh, and did someone say skyrocketing gas prices on Labor Day? Yes, I believe they did. I'm just going to say it. That seems unhelpful to someone trying to avoid "the economy".

Want more? Ok. Umm, say, don't unemployment numbers come out on Friday, immediately after whatever not-the-economy messaging the President is trying to hammer home during the convention? And does anyone expect those numbers to be appreciably better than last month? Probably not. So whilst Barack Hussein Obama's eyes might be pleading yes, the election gods might be saying hell no.

p.s. And I almost forgot, football starts next Wednesday. Which means that Obama and the DNC basically have two nights instead of three in which to present their super-awesome vision of a second term filled with free birth control. [slowly claps] Well played, Obama. Well played.

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