Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey, Anyone Still Want To Tell Me That Obama Is A Smart Politician?

I offer now as the time to bring that up. That's right, Obama has decided to give Bill Clinton a "major role at Democratic National Convention". I especially like this quote,

"Obama personally asked Clinton to speak at the convention and place Obama's name in nomination, and Clinton enthusiastically accepted, officials said. Clinton speaks regularly to Obama and to campaign officials about strategy."

Oh, is that right? Gee, I guess we're all just great friends now. That's weird because just a few weeks ago Bill Clinton was thrown under the bus inconvenient to the recoronation to the Light-Bringer. Some of these facts were undermining Obama's claims that the economy is fine and that Mitt Romney is a criminal. So yeah, implying that Bill Clinton is too senile to listen to was probably smart politics. Clearly, the Clintons and Obamas haven't been all that cordial to each other since the presidential campaign where Obama and his surrogates weren't terribly kind to Hill-dawg. And while someone in the Obama administration was aware enough of the Clintons' popularity with Democrats to give Hillary the Secretary of State job, there's certainly enough of a chill on the relationship that some people don't even think Bill Clinton will vote for Obama in November. So either this sounds like good politics to Obama (that would be a negatory)...or a sign that Obama is losing his freakin' mind at internal polls that he might actually lose this election. Hmmm...

p.s. Do you really want to blow your freakin' mind? Imagine that Obama's polling is so bad, so horrific, that the reason he's enlisting someone he obviously doesn't care for is because he's going to let him name his new vice president. Take a guess who that might be.

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