Sunday, October 21, 2012

Obama's Biggest Gaffe (So Far)

No, Charles Krauthammer, Obama's biggest gaffe was not Benghazi. CNN and Candy Crowley made sure to muddy the waters with voters on that one. Real gaffes cost you votes, and it's unlikely that Obama will lose many votes based on his and the moderator's response. It should have but it didn't. It's also why the endless stream of Romney "gaffes" the media has been trumpeting aren't gaffes either. He seems to be gaining every time the media tries to drum up outrage. Obama, on the other hand, has been real gaffe central. His "You didn't build that" alone probably cost him the votes of anyone with a business. But his biggest gaffe happened at the debate last Tuesday. Dems aren't afraid of offending rich donors, Christians, small business, Big Oil or much of anyone else, but they are deathly afraid of the NRA and gun lobby. Everyone knows one pro gun control comment in the wrong place and you can kiss your election goodbye, and Obama did just that in the debate. What gun owners had suspected all along he explicitly stated. If I was the RNC I would run his statement in ads not just in Ohio, Virginia and Colorado but New Mexico, Vermont, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Now watch as an "unbiased" CNN reporter tries vainly to turn this around onto Romney.

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