Friday, October 12, 2012

The 90 Minute Gaffe

I'll be honest, with two baseball games, the Steelers and the Sun Devils on last night, I didn't watch all of the debate. But the parts I did watch blew my mind. The good news for suicidal Dems? Biden only committed one gaffe last night. The bad news? It lasted for 90 minutes. With all the tact of a used car salesman who's late on his trailer payments, Joltin' Joe's supersmrt strategy was the rhetorical version of cock-blocking: he acted like a total chode. I haven't been that uncomfortable since I saw Maggie Gyllenhall in... well anything. I just don't care for her. But anyways I'm not sure why Biden did this (I mean besides being pressured into overcompensation) because he could have made all the same points without the jerky behavior and the media would have loved it. Instead his weird behavior gets to dominate the news cycle until the next debate and the media is left to try and defend it. That's what we call winning the debate.

Aaaaaannnnnddd....I saw somewhere that this was supposed to play well with his base or something but can someone answer me this question? Why is Obama (and Biden) still almost exclusively playing to his base? We have a few weeks to go in this election, shouldn't they be expanding their potential voter targets to independents and squishy conservatives? Shouldn't the base be as excited as they're going to get for someone who's been president for four years? We keep seeing these very obvious signs that the election is going to be a landslide and yet the polls say it's still almost a tie? Whatever.

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