Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Is Our Vice President

So proud.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy 237th, USMC

-In each successive area, the insurgents made this tactical adjustment because they suffered far too many casualties when trying to hold their ground after engaging the Marines. For example, in late June 2010, RCT-2 officers estimated that 3/7 killed about 100 Taliban fighters in a single engagement just outside a village called Regay, in southern Musa Qala near Sangin. And the Marines were happy to show off bulletin board material: transcripts of intercepted radio communications by insurgent subcommanders expressing dismay that the Americans were more aggressive than their predecessors.-

"We got a radio intercept yesterday," Lt. Garcia said. "Some Talib leaders in Pakistan were chewing out the local fighters for quitting. The locals yelled back, 'Marines run toward our bullets.'"

Semper Fi

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Playing Defense

The stock market has been getting crushed since The Light Bringer was reelected on Tuesday. I mean immediately after, as in the next day. 434 points worth in two days. Almost as if reelecting Obama might have something to do with it. And energy stocks, especially coal, are getting hit, almost as if a president who said he was going to regulate them out of existence had been reelected. And gun stocks are going up, almost as if those companies expect people to start buying a bunch of guns because a president who said he was going to start bringing back gun bans again was reelected. Oh, and companies are starting to issue layoff notices, almost as if the increased regulations promised by a certain president and which these crazy companies seem to think are a bad thing for businesses are suddenly going to come into effect now that that same president has been reelected. Weird. I better look to the mainstream media to feed me an answer that is less obvious but infinitely more correct.

Stocks fell on Thursday and could be in line for more weakness as worries about Washington's ability to find a timely solution to the "fiscal cliff" dominate investor thinking in coming weeks.

Ah, yes. That fiscal cliff that no one has been talking about for months and months must be the real culprit. Seriously, what else could it be? And just out of curiosity, isn't the "fiscal cliff" a set of taxes that Democrats have been desperate to reinstate since they took over both houses of Congress in 2006? No wait, that can't be right since no one in the mainstream media has pointed that out. Oh well.

p.s. Oh and Obama's Attorney General, who is being held in contempt of court by Congree and whom Obama used executive privilege to protect, is thinking about leaving Obama's Justice Dept. I guess it was "time" as opposed to anything more sordid.

Must I Be Mr. Optimistic?

Put down that can of Drano and listen to me. Mitt Romney was a fine candidate, the "browning" of America has not doomed the Republican party, and the Democratic party's strategy of only cow towing to their base will come back to haunt them.

First off, is anyone else bothered that ghostly pale AB Stoddard can talk about the "browning" of America and not receive the "Rush Limbaugh is a racist" treatment? Outside of the Southwest and the adjacent states, do any of the major newspapers have a significant amount of "brown" on their staffs? And just for whatever, the Southwest hasn't suddenly gone "brown" in the past few years. We've pretty much been this way from the start, and yet there doesn't seem to be some built in desire for "browns" to vote Democrat. Even New Mexico didn't turn blue until California Liberals decided they wanted to move somewhere quaint with lower taxes. Does that mean we should be talking about the lily-whitening of formerly red states? Please New York Times and Washington Post editorial staffs, enlighten me of the "browning".

Secondly, look at the numbers, 2012 was a smaller election than 2008. In a year of lower turnout overall, Romney lost about 2 million voters to McCain. Obama on the other hand lost almost 9 million to his showing in 2008. Obama lost states. His percentages in red and blue states decreased. Obama lost independents. That didn't happen to the evil W during his second election. Democrats aren't increasing their voter base, they're pushing people out. And as much as Democrats talk about how the "browning" of America will be some sort of perpetual advantage, what would happen if Republicans decided to embrace expanded immigration policies? The Democrat party of today doesn't share any other values with Hispanics, unless of course things like hostility to Christians, murdering children and legacy appointments to Ivy League colleges become the "in" thing.

Incumbency has its perks. The very quality that rocketed Obama to the top of the political stratosphere, just being "present", has once again paid dividends. Incumbents are hard to unseat for a reason; they can campaign by just doing their job, or in Obama's case, by just showing up. In other words, there wasn't a whole lot we could have done to stop Obama from winning unless he really screwed up royale. And that's exactly the part many of us ignored or forgot. If you don't believe me, go back and look up all those articles, including mine, which said Obama was going to lose (as opposed to Romney is going to win) and see how many of them mention the "power of incumbency". We acknowledged it in Senate and House races but were blinded by optimism that the vast majority of Americans see Obama the way we see him, as an arrogant political lightweight who's not really down with this whole "America" thing. But it's also important to remember that that optimism was a good thing. Obama could have screwed up, in which case we needed to be within striking distance, which we were. And despite what people are saying today, Romney was the perfect candidate for 2012. Romney is a good man. A good family man. A successful business man. A non-ideologue despite the media's best attempts, and a calm, measured speaker who certainly presented himself as a viable alternative if Obama screwed up. But Obama didn't screw up, at least to the extent that the American people were informed. And that's why he won.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Heard The News Today

And just a thought. $4 gas, $16 trillion in debt, $1+ trillion deficit, high unemployment, leaving Americans to get raped and murdered in other countries and he still won? You know what this paves the way for, right? President Bloomberg.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Not The End Of The World?

To The End

Oh, You Pretty Things

My (voting) Machines

"I'm Changing Everything Everything Around Me"

Rockin' It At The White House

"I Support The Left While I'm Leaning To The Right"

"Everybody Has Problems And Personally I Don't Care"

Another video every hour until 7:00 PM Arizona time.

I Just Don't Know

If I was observing this election without any polls, I would think Obama was going to lose bad. And yet every single poll has Obama winning or extremely close. It is really hard for me to believe that pollsters would weight their polls to such an extent that they could be putting their integrity and their jobs on the line for something as silly as making Obama look like he's winning for some political strategy. But then again the news media, movies and television haven't seemed to mind having smaller audiences (and revenue) by broadcasting only those things that mirror their world view. Oh well, we'll see. But anyways, here are some things I'll be watching for during and after the election...
  • Does Hurricane Sandy affect the voting in New York and New Jersey (and maybe Philly)? Does it reduce turnout? Does it change their vote?
  • Did the recall election really help the Republicans ground game in Wisconsin?
  • Does Romney win Wisconsin, Iowa and New Hampshire? (i.e. he won't need Ohio and the shenanigans that may occur there if it's close)
  • Does Obama lose the Black vote because of his gay marriage stance? I don't mean lose percentage-wise because that's unlikely to change, I mean the number of people actually showing up at the polls.
  • Does the media hyperventilate and (wrongly) call states before they should (like they've done before)?
  • Teh Hispanic vote
  • Formerly red states Nevada and New Mexico
  • "Romney" states Michigan and Massachusetts (and New Hampshire)
  • Who gets the blame?
And here's my last [yawn] map, with New Hampshire, Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania being too close to call. And oddly enough if Romney does lose those four states he gets to exactly 270 votes. Weird map, I know.

Just Remember, If Obama Gets Reelected He'll Think He Has A Mandate

Tea Leaves

Oh, and is it just me or has this Chris Christie-Bruce Springsteen thing gotten kind of pathetic?

And another tea leaf, I got all my picks right on my NFL football pool tonight. 14-0 this week. That's never happened before.

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Brain Is Boggling

I just don't understand the polls.


From RealClear, that's eleven states which are too close to call which kind of makes you wonder what the point of polling is when it doesn't actually tell you anything. Rasmussen has tended to be a pretty accurate pollster in the last few years so I looked up his map.

A lot of his red or blue states are still too close to call, but he actually has two states which are actually ties. I personally still think we're looking at a landslide based on how Romney's momentum keeps adding states while Obama's "firewall" keeps changing and getting smaller. Plus there's his (still) horrendous showing with independents. And yet it's a virtual tie in most polls which just continues to damage me fragile little brain. So I decided to do my own poll. And yes my brain got a little more damaged from doing this.

Response rate was 3% with a margin of error of .0027% (my phone bill is going to be epic). Polling samples were weighted with historical sampling, recent voting trends, and an augury ritual involving sheep but definitely not hobos. And yes for some reason I do have Romney losing Wisconsin and Minnesota but winning Michigan, Pennsylvania(!), and...Oregon?? And New Hampshire comes out pretty much tied. But then again three days is a long time at the end of an election so I may have to get more and try again on Monday.

It's A Disney Bought StarWars Music Friday

Go ahead, tell me which is worse? Disney buying StarWars or vice versa?