Thursday, November 8, 2012

Playing Defense

The stock market has been getting crushed since The Light Bringer was reelected on Tuesday. I mean immediately after, as in the next day. 434 points worth in two days. Almost as if reelecting Obama might have something to do with it. And energy stocks, especially coal, are getting hit, almost as if a president who said he was going to regulate them out of existence had been reelected. And gun stocks are going up, almost as if those companies expect people to start buying a bunch of guns because a president who said he was going to start bringing back gun bans again was reelected. Oh, and companies are starting to issue layoff notices, almost as if the increased regulations promised by a certain president and which these crazy companies seem to think are a bad thing for businesses are suddenly going to come into effect now that that same president has been reelected. Weird. I better look to the mainstream media to feed me an answer that is less obvious but infinitely more correct.

Stocks fell on Thursday and could be in line for more weakness as worries about Washington's ability to find a timely solution to the "fiscal cliff" dominate investor thinking in coming weeks.

Ah, yes. That fiscal cliff that no one has been talking about for months and months must be the real culprit. Seriously, what else could it be? And just out of curiosity, isn't the "fiscal cliff" a set of taxes that Democrats have been desperate to reinstate since they took over both houses of Congress in 2006? No wait, that can't be right since no one in the mainstream media has pointed that out. Oh well.

p.s. Oh and Obama's Attorney General, who is being held in contempt of court by Congree and whom Obama used executive privilege to protect, is thinking about leaving Obama's Justice Dept. I guess it was "time" as opposed to anything more sordid.

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