Thursday, January 3, 2013

Republicans Lost

And they lost bad. Normally the media would be rending their clothes and beating their chests about how puppies and grandmothers will be murdered because of this legislation. And that's when they just win, when they're forced to give one small concession to those evil Rethuglicans. But look at the reaction from the media. No outrage. No screaming. It's over. Still don't believe me? Try this sickening pap. Hey, did you know the deficit goes up because of this fiscal cliff bill? Did you know that it actually raises taxes on the middle class? Shhhhhhh.....not too loud. Obama's legacy must not be tainted! Obama gets to say he kept his promise to spare the middle class from higher taxes when he really didn't and then gets what he really wanted all along, more kindling to fuel his socialist programs. Happy New Year.

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