Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Thoughts On Whatever

I haven't felt very bloggy in a while so to keep this blog going you people get random stuff that could have been turned into whole posts but won't because meh.

Harry Reid killed George W. Bush's immigration reform. Democrats had two filibuster proof years to pass immigration reform and didn't do a single thing. And now Democrats won't pass immigration reform if Republicans want to protect the border even though that's something we're already supposed to be doing. Democrats don't want immigration reform.

So let me get this straight, it was wrong to snoop on Muslims during the Bush years because that was racial profiling but it's ok to snoop on everyone now because some of us might be guilty of something? Outstanding.

When Obama says that nobody is listening to your calls, I can't help but think "nobody" is a Siri or Watson AI program. See, he's not lying! Robots aren't people!

Obama's not exactly being subtle about this Prism spy thing, is he?

But at least the IRS is making amends. Problem solved! Hey wait a minute, the IRS wasn't involved in the spying scandal, were they?

Did you see the news last week about that lesbian who almost got her arms torn off at the shoulder by a sasquatch? Freaky.

Oh and what's going on with Allahpundit lately? Nary a RINO-y opinion, raining blows on Chris Christie and now Guy Benson is challenging his candy-assedness? Did he move to Texas and start nailing hot chicks? Is he drinking his whiskey with rattlesnake blood Arizona-style? Did he... eh, I got nothing. Damn you, Obama! You and your comedy-sucking NSA mind robots!

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