Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Fair warning: I was just trying to write a segue for yet another youtube video so it doesn't look like I'm just posting videos to pad my blog post count but I kind of bummed myself out here.

I've always thought of New Year's Eve as kind of a melancholy holiday. In with the new, out with the old. I guess you could look at it as a sort of glass half full/empty litmus test for your personality type but I think even optimistic people look back at the passing year and feel a little sad even if they're hopeful for the new year. Even at a New Year's Eve party, the alone in a crowd feeling is kind of pervasive because we all have our own regrets about the passing year that are only reinforced when compared to what we hope for in the new year. We are all alone.
So here's Sam to make it all better.

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