Friday, January 31, 2014

There Are Times When I Feel....It's Music Friday

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bill Gates Versus The Chess Champion Of The World

And it only lasts a little over a minute.

He missed a mate in 1? I guess that explains Windows 8 (hey-ohhh).

I think this is right...
  1. P-K4     N-QB3
  2. N-KB3  P-Q4
  3. B-Q3     N-KB3
  4. PxP       QxP
  5. N-QB3  Q-KR4
  6. O-O       B-KN5
  7. P-KR3   N-K4
  8. PxB       KNxP
  9. NxN      Q-KR7 mate

Saturday, January 18, 2014


In case you missed it our government passed a $1.1 Trillion bipartisan bill in the spirit of bipartisanship and not-shutting-the-government-downedness. Of course no one read the bill so it sailed right through and now we get a chance to find out what's in it...

"The wide-ranging “omnibus” spending bill just approved by Congress, with the cooperation of Republicans, failed to include a proposed provision reversing a new Obama regulation that will turn all those nonprofit groups – which had been targeted as potential violators of their tax-free status – into TAXABLE institutions.
So no need for targeting!
Keeping this provision out, according to Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal, was the one thing on which Democrats would not compromise during negotiations over the bill."

The one thing Democrats would not compromise. Hmmmm, sounds like being able to shut out Tea Party groups and their stupid free speech seems kind of important to Democrats. Almost as if they think wiping out political enemies will help them win elections.  Crazy people would say this is a violation of the first amendment but hey, it's a tax, right, John Roberts? But how could establishment Republicans have allowed such a measure to get through?

Oh, that's right, because we're at war.

We're all in this together as long as you stupid racist Tea Baggers agree that we need to push the liberal agenda. But more slowly than liberals. Cause see that's the difference between the two parties; how quickly we expand government and take things.

But questions: With (the good) Republicans in open war with Tea Partiers and conservatives over spending and amnesty and whatever until after the primaries, what are they (the good Republicans) going to do to drag em back to the voting booth in November, or even 2016? If even a jerk like me is considering sitting out these elections, what is the plan? Are they expecting illegal immigrants to cast the votes Americans don't want to cast? But for Republicans? Do they expect the eventual Democratic candidate to be so polarizing that a Jeb Bush or a Chris Christie will look like a Barry Goldwater? Is the GOP expecting such a windfall of cash that they won't need any self-funded extraneous groups mucking up their messaging?