Thursday, September 4, 2014

Your Quote Of The Day


“It was eerie. It was as if there had been no Obama presidency. If I am right in my analysis, the complete absence of panels assessing Obama’s record is an indication that the academy now regards Obama as an indefensible embarrassment.”

I'll agree with the first part. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama showed up right next to Joan Rivers at the next Academy Awards memorial with other entertainers we've lost in the past year. It's the second part of the quote I'm not buying. They'll defend him. After everything they've invested in him they'll defend every square inch of his presidency the same way they have for that other heart-throb/in-over-his-head mediocre president, John Kennedy. And considering Kennedy's presidency ended 50 years ago, I'm guessing people deranged enough to think Obama's pant creases were some sort of sign of royal inheritance will also think Obama is embarrassingly defensible for a long time to come.

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