Wednesday, January 14, 2015

He Is Who We Thought He Were

I'm going to assume everyone heard what happened in France last week. And as a response history invited the leaders of the free world to march together and symbolically stand against those that would use violence to silence speech and freedom and, of course, Obama decided not to show up. And this looks bad. I mean real bad. Heck, this might be one of those trivial failures of leadership that would make even liberals who write history worried that history might be unfair to Obama. And since Obama is above providing excuses for behavior ill-befitting a president as clearly awesome as he is, I, in a spirit of bipartisanshipness, might as well provide a few possible excuses as to why he was unable to attend. Not that he requires them.
  • Guess who picked "Keep Joe from putting his tongue on frozen lamp posts" out of the hat this month. It's freakin' winter! That's a full time job!
  • He totally missed it on purpose. Can't you just imagine how the Republicans are going to embarrass themselves by over-reaching on this one? Checkmate jerks!
  • To be fair, he said he had a pen and a phone and he was going to use them. He never said anything about Air Force One.
  • Right, like he's just going to start presidenting right after he just came back from vacation. You've got to ease back into these things or you're going to pull a muscle.
  • Let's just say that when he was in Hawaii he picked up a certain "package" from a certain old "gang" and there was no way he was going to let that get moldy.
  • Excuse me but they specifically invited the leaders of the free world. Obama's the president of America.
  • What part of "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam" don't you understand?
  • What's the big deal, history gives do overs, right?

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