Thursday, March 26, 2015

President(?) Mean Girls

Just when I thought I had Barack Obama pegged, he throws a hair brush in the gears. I've been liking Ace's analogy of Obama being a prepubescent mean girl who just lashes out irrationally whenever things occur which go beyond his understanding but as I've been watching his negotiations with Iran I'm starting to realize that maybe we need to flesh that out a little more. Obama wants a deal with Iran bad. Like real bad. Don't bother asking why it's so goshdarn important to hash out a deal right effin' now, no matter how terrible and no matter whether the next president will even honor any such deal not supported by congress, but he wants it bad and he wants it now. In fact, he wants it so bad that he's willing to let Iran continue to run its NUCLEAR centrifuges inside a fortified bunker (where Israel can't get them. burn.) because it's all about pleasing... well this is where I have a problem. In all the mockery of Obama being a silly little mean girl I never considered that maybe Obama's not even the alpha mean girl. It's just assumed that he's the head mean girl, sending off his underlings to do his bitchy little bidding. But maybe he's not the head mean girl. Maybe he's the less pretty mean girl who has to go around trying to please everyone because he grew up in a broken home with a distant mother and absent father and he's looking for affirmation from anyone who will give it to him, even, or apparently especially, if it includes a horrible Armageddon-enabling deal with Iran. Just a guess but it does seem to fit his behavior of late. So, I guess that begs the exit question, Who is the head mean girl.

And just as an aside, why is it that George W. had to deal with people saying he had daddy issues because George H.W. "didn't finish the war in Iraq" or whatever, but Obama, whose father left him at an early age and whose mother bounced around from man to man, is immune from any such "he's got daddy issues" analysis?

p.s. Oh, and by the way, Obama doesn't have a bedazzled lavender diary with stickers of One Direction on it to let out all his emotional crashes, he has Israel.


  1. >>>Who is the head mean girl.

    I'm kinda leanin' towards a certain Iranian-born mean girl named Valerie Jarrett.

  2. I was going to say the Illuminati. Or should that be the Innominati [squints suspiciously].