Tuesday, May 31, 2016

While The Media Questions Whether Trump Can Be Trusted With CIA Briefings Here's A Quote About The Other Candidate Who's Under FBI Investigation For Who Even Knows, Amirite? LOL!

"If Clinton is the Democratic nominee, much of the intelligence information she receives probably will sound familiar. As secretary of state until 2013, Clinton was one of President Barack Obama’s senior advisers who were privy to the President’s Daily Brief — the highest level intelligence document prepared in the United States."

Friday, May 13, 2016

Something To Remember During This Election Season (music friday)

Someone Just Sent Hillary That Story About The Kremlin Releasing Those 20,000 Emails

Not Trying To Get Anyone's Hopes Up....

But don't forget next week will supposedly be the end of the FBI investigation when they finally interview Hillary Clinton. One thing that came out earlier this week which I still don't buy but which would be AMAZING if it actually happened (...I mean it wouldn't be good but it would be very schadenfreude'ry since Hilldawg would get the entire blame) is that Russia might release 20,000 of Hillary's emails that they hacked out of spite or whatever. Time to hit the reset button! Oh well, here's Judge Nap raising expectations and saying it's most likely felony charges. p.s. And by the way, If you look up Hilldawg's speech schedule, she didn't have anything scheduled from yesterday till next Wednesday. Too bad FBI agents don't have a sense of humor or they would have scheduled the interview for today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Here's former US Attorney Joseph di Genova going off on Hillary and her email scandal. A couple points first though, one, he thinks there are definitely charges coming for Hillary, although he says she might be afforded misdemeanor charges, and also that Loretta Lynch will probably appoint a special council ("if she's smart") so...um... bet accordingly. Second, at 12:51, he lays into the incompetence of House Republicans, so that's pretty fun considering that today seems to be Hey, People Who Want To Burn It All Down, Republicans Actually Did A Really Good Job These Past Few Years Day on Twitter. Oh well.

Gonna be a real shame when Hillary's not indicted.

Hmmmmm..... (From The Other Side Even)

Might As Well Throw This Out There Now Too.

I'm a little loopy at the moment* (carb cleaner/insomnia) but my brain keeps telling me this FBI investigation is going to come to the surface soon (in the next few weeks or maybe early next month) so why not? Since there are two cases involving the email servers, one civil(FOIA) and one criminal (espionage investigation by the FBI), we'll leave this to the FBI case since the civil case looks like it might drag on beyond election day. Place your bets, lovers of watching everything you thought you believed in getting destroyed right before your very eyes!

FBI doesn't recommend anything, DOJ does nothing, Hilldawg smokes a bowl while Bernie goes back to his part-time janitor job at the local high school quietly mumbling the words to 'We Shall Overcome'. I really want to like this one, but since Brian Pagliano, Hillary's IT guy, was given blanket immunity, it sure looks like someone is going down. Odds: 100-1*

FBI recommends major charges for Hillary et al, DOJ acts on them, Hillary's done. When you listen to intelligence community people talking about this, they seem absolutely sure that Hillary is in very serious trouble. I should know better than to give these odds but oh, well, eat Arby's. Odds: 1/3*

FBI recommends major charges for Hillary et al, DOJ acts on them, Hillary fights through it anyway. Another one I want to like because it would be hilarious but with the Dem convention coming up I would think she'd be pressured to be as quiet as possible about major criminal charges. Odds: 50-1*

FBI recommends major charges for Hillary et al, DOJ does nothing, something Saturday Night Massacre-y happens with mass FBI resignations. This is the one I really want to see since it's the most likely scenario to drag Obama into this mess, where he belongs, but I don't know. It depends on what you think of Loretta Lynch. The consensus seems to be that she's more professional than Eric Holder and she wouldn't want to destroy her career over Hillary. Odds: 25-1*

FBI recommends major charges for Hillary et al, DOJ only runs with minor charges. This one could also lead to some FBI resignations but I don't know. We're talking about the secretary of state mishandling classified documents and possibly exposing them to hackers so there are only so many ways to force this into misdemeanor territory. Odds: 10-1*

FBI recommends major charges for Hillary et al, Loretta Lynch appoints a special prosecutor and the case drags on longer. Not sure how I feel about this one but it does punt the ball down the field which gives the press and the DNC time to message and game plan. Odds: 3-1*

FBI recommends major charges for staff only, DOJ acts on them or not, who cares anyway, amirite? This is the steak turning to ashes in your mouth one for Republicans and anyone who cares about the law. Yech. Odds: 5-1*

And finally odds that I'm going to have a Bourbon Bacon and Steak at Arby's? Mortal lock, baby. Mortal lock.

* I reserve the right to cancel all wagers where BUI (blogging under the influence) and also manipulation of results by persons of Kenyan ancestry is suspected, which we're all pretty sure is going to happen anyway, right?

Something Dumb Just Occurred To Me About That Last Post

Cheryl Mills walked out of an FBI interview because they weren't supposed to ask her something about emails "because it was considered confidential as an example of attorney-client privilege." Is...is Cheryl Mills considered the attorney part of this privilege?? And Hillary is the client part? Because that makes no sense (I can't see how Cheryl Mills would be allowed to not answer questions as the client part of the privilege). She was the chief of staff for Hillary and anything she would have done involving emails would seem to fall under the non-attorney-client privilege part of her job even if she was somehow offering legal advice to Hillary on how to "produce emails". Sooooo...I don't get it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

In What Circumstances Are You Allowed To Pick The Questions That The FBI Is Allowed To Ask You?

Because Hillary Clinton's former chief of staff walked out of an interview with the FBI (a good sign, right?) because someone asked her "off-limits" questions.

"The questions that were considered off limits had to do with the procedure used to produce emails to the State Department so they could possibly be released publicly, the people said. Mills, an attorney herself, was not supposed to be asked questions about that — and ultimately never was in the recent interview — because it was considered confidential as an example of attorney-client privilege, the people said."

I also like this bit:

"Mills and her lawyer left the room — though both returned a short time later — and prosecutors were somewhat taken aback that their FBI colleague had ventured beyond what was anticipated, the people said."

If you haven't been following the case and don't get why that's funny it's because that while this is an FBI investigation, it will ultimately be the Department of Justice who ends up prosecuting (or not) someone, so they get to have a seat in all these interviews by the FBI. But when prosecutors say they were "taken aback" when the FBI asked questions about emails, when the entire case involves... emails, that sounds more like the DOJ is running interference.

p.s. And another thing, why is it that the timeline for all this seems to be some sort of secret? This interview took place "recently" and news that Huma Abedin was interviewed came out last week even though the interview supposedly took place a month ago.

Friday, May 6, 2016

I Finally Get It....

....he's telling them who won the 2016 presidential election.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

As The Kids Say, It's Random Lyrics Time

How many times does an angel fall?
How many people lie instead of talking tall?
He trod on sacred ground, he cried loud into the crowd
I'm a Blackstar, I'm a Blackstar, I'm not a gangstar

I'm a Blackstar, way up on money, I've got game
I see right, so wide, so open-hearted pain
I want eagles in my daydreams, diamonds in my eyes
I'm a Blackstar, I'm a Blackstar

Something happened on the day he died
Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside
Somebody else took his place and bravely cried
I'm a Blackstar, I'm a starstar, I'm a Blackstar

On the day of execution
Only women kneel and smile
At the centre of it all
Your eyes, Your eyes

Monday, May 2, 2016

Things I Suddenly Realized All Of A Sudden

  • Are there lo-jinks?
  • Why was Lionel Richie's "Hello" the last song on the album?
  • Why don't aliens in UFO sightings ever have ears?
  • Why didn't they ever show Batman sucking the blood out of any of his victims?
  • If Darwin's theory is correct then wouldn't baseball catchers have already evolved with fluorescent fingernails?
  • Apparently stabbing an RSVP into the sender's door with a bowie knife is some sort of faux pas in polite society.
  • If the awfulness of this election season has anything to do with me spitting on that gypsy, I'm sorry. But she had it coming.