Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Might As Well Throw This Out There Now Too.

I'm a little loopy at the moment* (carb cleaner/insomnia) but my brain keeps telling me this FBI investigation is going to come to the surface soon (in the next few weeks or maybe early next month) so why not? Since there are two cases involving the email servers, one civil(FOIA) and one criminal (espionage investigation by the FBI), we'll leave this to the FBI case since the civil case looks like it might drag on beyond election day. Place your bets, lovers of watching everything you thought you believed in getting destroyed right before your very eyes!

FBI doesn't recommend anything, DOJ does nothing, Hilldawg smokes a bowl while Bernie goes back to his part-time janitor job at the local high school quietly mumbling the words to 'We Shall Overcome'. I really want to like this one, but since Brian Pagliano, Hillary's IT guy, was given blanket immunity, it sure looks like someone is going down. Odds: 100-1*

FBI recommends major charges for Hillary et al, DOJ acts on them, Hillary's done. When you listen to intelligence community people talking about this, they seem absolutely sure that Hillary is in very serious trouble. I should know better than to give these odds but oh, well, eat Arby's. Odds: 1/3*

FBI recommends major charges for Hillary et al, DOJ acts on them, Hillary fights through it anyway. Another one I want to like because it would be hilarious but with the Dem convention coming up I would think she'd be pressured to be as quiet as possible about major criminal charges. Odds: 50-1*

FBI recommends major charges for Hillary et al, DOJ does nothing, something Saturday Night Massacre-y happens with mass FBI resignations. This is the one I really want to see since it's the most likely scenario to drag Obama into this mess, where he belongs, but I don't know. It depends on what you think of Loretta Lynch. The consensus seems to be that she's more professional than Eric Holder and she wouldn't want to destroy her career over Hillary. Odds: 25-1*

FBI recommends major charges for Hillary et al, DOJ only runs with minor charges. This one could also lead to some FBI resignations but I don't know. We're talking about the secretary of state mishandling classified documents and possibly exposing them to hackers so there are only so many ways to force this into misdemeanor territory. Odds: 10-1*

FBI recommends major charges for Hillary et al, Loretta Lynch appoints a special prosecutor and the case drags on longer. Not sure how I feel about this one but it does punt the ball down the field which gives the press and the DNC time to message and game plan. Odds: 3-1*

FBI recommends major charges for staff only, DOJ acts on them or not, who cares anyway, amirite? This is the steak turning to ashes in your mouth one for Republicans and anyone who cares about the law. Yech. Odds: 5-1*

And finally odds that I'm going to have a Bourbon Bacon and Steak at Arby's? Mortal lock, baby. Mortal lock.

* I reserve the right to cancel all wagers where BUI (blogging under the influence) and also manipulation of results by persons of Kenyan ancestry is suspected, which we're all pretty sure is going to happen anyway, right?

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