Thursday, June 30, 2016

Random Question For The Jetset

For those of you who have private jets (you know who you are), how would you know that someone you know has landed at the same airport as you? I mean if we're to take it face value that this was an "impromptu" meeting, is it like a truckstop where you get out and stretch and talk to people?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

Wow, So Much Like Us....

"Of course, most of the media, which is largely now part of the same detached London entity that great English patriot William Cobbett called “the thing”, failed to see this coming. Their world is one of photo ops, the great non-event that is PMQs, and absurd debates between figures that the public no longer cares about. The alienation of the people charged with documenting the national mood from the people who actually define it is one of the ruptures that has led to this moment: certainly, wherever I go, the press and television are the focus of as much resentment as politics. While we are on the subject, it is also time we set aside the dismal science of opinion polling, which should surely now stick to product testing and the like. Understanding of the country at large has for too long been framed in percentages and leading questions: it is time people went into the country, and simply listened."

Gaslight-A-Rama (Brexit Style!)

"We already know that the overwhelming majority of Britain's leaders want to remain in the EU. Maybe the majority of citizens did too."

This is literally the day after the Brexit election. Literally the day after the majority voted to leave the EU. I... I need a drink.

It's Over (The EU That Is)

The initial reflex in many EU capitals was that divorce would be economically foolish for Britain while the rest of the union would march on serenely – even emancipated – but as June 23 draws frighteningly close this has given way to growing angst that the EU project itself may be at stake.

Pervenche Beres, a leading French Socialist MEP, said she is rooting for a vote to remain but with deep misgivings, dreading the thought of a triumphalist David Cameron strutting the EU stage days later. “The United Kingdom would be even more odious to Brussels if it stays in Europe,” she said.

La Tribune reports that one camp in Paris is pushing for a harsh line to punish Britain – even to the point of denying the UK a Norwegian-style package in the European Economic Area, should it opt for that course – in order to ensure that Brexit fails so spectacularly that no other country dares to follow suit.

I Guess It's Time For A Late Music Fridexit

So I guess I have to play some Oasis.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's Over

Bill Clinton: More people would have died if Orlando club-goers had guns
— The Hill (@thehill) June 15, 2016