Friday, July 1, 2016

More Random Questions On What The Press Has Apparently Dubbed the Non-Starter At Sky Harbor

Given that Hilldawg is finally getting interviewed on Saturday, what if the whole Lynch-Clinton private jet thing was really the Bill Clinton FBI interview and Loretta Lynch was there to do the interview personally, in deference to the fact that he's a former president? I know this goes against the grain that the Obama administration is hopelessly corrupt, but even Loretta Lynch would know a meeting with Bill Clinton would look like more than just bad optics to everyone, even Democrats. If she was going to deep-six an indictment, regardless of an FBI referral, she would still know better than to meet with one of the possible witnesses/targets.

According to the (only?) reporter on the scene, there were FBI agents on the scene telling people “no photos, no pictures, no cell phones”. Does Loretta Lynch normally fly around on her private jet with FBI agents in tow? And coincidentally when she's having a chat with a possible target of an FBI investigation? Sounds like it might add credence to the interview theory. Although...

This chat/interview supposedly took about a half an hour, how many Fifth-pleadings is that? Maybe 15-20?

News reports keep saying that Bill Clinton was golfing in Phoenix on Tuesday, when the high was 112 and the low was 86. That's golfing weather if you're an Arizonan, that's definitely not golfing weather if you're an open heart surgery survivor from a (much) cooler state.

If Hillary's aides were getting interviewed in March and April and maybe even earlier, how is it that Hillary is only getting interviewed now? Was that just lots of preparation and investigative leads by the FBI or has Hillary been stalling them this whole time?

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