Sunday, December 17, 2017

Random Garbagey Thoughts On Random Garbagey Things

Maybe it's just me but I'm starting to like the Trump model of a politician. Why let a clean pressed suit with impeccable manners screw you over when you can have someone whose outside matches his insides?

You can't make "great" television or movies without whipping it out.

I've seen it over and over that the Harvey Weinsteins of the world are the way they are because they grew up in a different time. But Harvey Weinstein et al grew up at a time when you were actually expected to treat women with courtesy, when there was at least the slightest vestige of chivalry. What's it going to be like when the Tinder generation starts running things? Sorry ladies.

It's been reported that John McCain was in the hospital for side effects of cancer treatment and that he's resting up to vote for the tax bill. Since I have a little experience here I already know that's probably not true. The downward slide from a GBM is pretty quick. It was reported a week or so ago that a second brain tumor was found in the area where his tumor was removed, but it's actually the leftover cells from the previous tumor regrowing again. GBMs grow very quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if he misses that next vote and sadly he may not make it to the end of the year. That's how awful this disease is. It's the most common primary brain tumor you can get and yet it feels like there isn't a ton of awareness about it.

Time for another downer since life sucks (and I also sadly have experience here too). When Vin Scully walked out for the World Series, he had all the classic symptoms of Parkinson's. If I have to be super-bummed about something, you do too. Sorry.

Monday, November 6, 2017

My Favorite Thing This Week

Friday, October 13, 2017

And Since It's Friday The Thirteenth, I Guess You Get A Little Gory Music Friday With Alice Cooper But Live!

And Speaking Of Sick Puppies, It's Time For Music Friday With Alice Cooper

Today Seems As Good A Day As Any To Start The Halloween Season

Yeah, I know, Walmart and some other stores started Halloween like two weeks ago but anyway...

"Mystery, in and of itself, is something that society requires as part of what makes it work. A society without mystery becomes psychotic. The proof of this, to me, is that in contemporary Western culture there is very little mystery."

So therefore, in an effort to alleviate the psychoses of you sick little puppies, I might as well throw out a few mystery-increasing superstitions from an old book I happened upon. (And by the way, I've tested all of these.)
  • It is unlucky to whistle after dark (true)
  • It is unlucky to speak of boiling water (also true)
  • It is unlucky to lose a horseshoe (obviously)
  • If a baseball team meets a load of barrels on the way to play, they will surely be defeated. (go ask the Nationals if this one isn't true)
  • It is unlucky to kill any living thing until you have washed your face. (you better believe this one's true)
  • The Greeks believe that an owl goes before and gives warning of the coming of a vampire. (This one is definitely true. I'm still down a half a quart)
  • It is unlucky to measure a person in bed. (don't ask, but yep)
  • It is an omen of ill luck if a red haired woman enters a house on New Year's morning. (boy howdy is this one true)
  • If you ever possess a skeleton, never give it away; it is unlucky. (I could kick myself over this one but I needed space for the pool table)
  • To insure good luck for a year, plant the breastbone of a goose under an apple tree when the moon is full. (true, but this one's more just common sense)

Monday, July 24, 2017

This Tragedy We Call Life Part Two

In case I didn't make it explicit enough in the last post and I'm not sure I really should make it more explicit, but radiation and chemo are really hard on people. Especially the elderly. You have to be a pretty healthy 70 year old for oncologists to recommend radiation and 80 years old is kind of out there without the right conditions for improvement. Considering someone is heading to work tomorrow it looks like they've decided against further treatment sadly.

p.s. fuck cancer

update: Apparently McCain started radiation and chemo on Monday (8/1). Which now makes me wonder if he really was dragged out to D.C. and delayed treatment just to cast a stupid vote. You normally wait for the surgery to heal and for the swelling to go down before you start radiation, which you start as soon as possible, and usually a week after you're released from the hospital. So he was healthy enough to fly and then hobnob with senators but not healthy enough to have radiation?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Random Thoughts On This Tragedy We Call Life

Since I sadly have a little experience with what John McCain's family is going through I guess I'll say a little bit. First, cancer is bad, brain cancer is worse and a GBM is worse than that. Survival is usually measured in terms of months not years. The typical course of therapy is anti-seizure medication, since the first serious signs are usually a seizure or stroke-like symptoms; then surgery to determine what kind of cancer or whether it even is cancer (since you can't tell until you cut out the mass and send it to a pathology lab, which takes a few days); a week or so off to heal and maybe more if you require physical therapy; then six weeks of radiation (strapped to a table for 10 to 15 minutes a day wearing a freaky mask) from Monday through Friday along with a low dose of chemo; a month off (the radiation actually keeps working after it's finished) and then six months of a much higher dose of chemo. Unfortunately GBMs usually come back fairly quickly and when (not if) they do come back they usually don't respond to treatment anymore and are much more aggressive. Therapy doesn't always follow surgery, especially for older people, because it is very rough physically.

I saw someone on twitter say the tumor is why McCain did such and such in 2008 or whenever. This is stupid and bull. Because of its very aggressive nature, GBMs usually form over a matter of months. Any changes in his personality or thinking would have only occurred recently, and that's if  the tumor was located in a part of the brain where it would have affected those things.

Some news report said something about how the family was weighing their options on whether to have further treatment. It makes it sound precautionary since they already removed the tumor and it appears that they found Sen. McCain's tumor early before he started to show serious symptoms. Sadly, that's not how GBMs work. A surgeon will remove as much of the tumor as they can but, as they say, the object is not to do more harm. You can't cut into the brain the way you can cut into a liver so there are always going to be left over cancer cells. The normal course of treatment is almost always surgery/radiation/chemo. The only reason you would hesitate is if the patient is too weak to undergo the treatment or if the cancer is too extensive for treatment to reasonably work.

and p.s. fuck cancer

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Random Garbagey Thoughts On Random Garbagey Things

  • Everyone always forgets the zeroeth amendment of the Constitution which states that true power resides in whoever wants to take that responsibility in front of the voters. For example: The president can wage war anywhere he wants as long as Congress doesn't have the guts to try to stop him, regardless as to who can legally declare war.
  • Dems should reinstate the judicial filibuster for Supreme Court nominees the next time they take the Senate. Since they hold the power of the press they actually have the ability to get Republicans to cave whenever they can get the press in an uproar, which the press would never do for a Democratic nominee. That's a clear advantage for Team A. And once reversed (with much talk of integrity and whatnot), Republicans would be too cowardly to undo it.
  • Sometimes you have to take one for the team to keep a Clinton out of the White House.
  • Thank goodness the Jake Tappers of the world convinced us national security was no big deal during the Clinton secret server scandal or I would be petrified right now.
  • Just out of curiosity, do you think James Comey would have released his memos if it was President Hillary who fired him?
  • Kind of embarrassing that the author of The Art Of The Deal didn't get anything for that classified information. President Hillary would have gotten at least a couple hundred thou in donations to her foundation.
  • The only way we can have transparent government is if we only elect Republicans. The press doesn't seem to want to do their jobs when Democrats are in power.
  • The legislative filibuster is gone the second Dems take back the Senate. They wouldn't talk about it if they weren't going to do it and there's absolutely no advantage for Democrats to keep it.