Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Random Garbagey Thoughts On Random Garbagey Things

  • Everyone always forgets the zeroeth amendment of the Constitution which states that true power resides in whoever wants to take that responsibility in front of the voters. For example: The president can wage war anywhere he wants as long as Congress doesn't have the guts to try to stop him, regardless as to who can legally declare war.
  • Dems should reinstate the judicial filibuster for Supreme Court nominees the next time they take the Senate. Since they hold the power of the press they actually have the ability to get Republicans to cave whenever they can get the press in an uproar, which the press would never do for a Democratic nominee. That's a clear advantage for Team A. And once reversed (with much talk of integrity and whatnot), Republicans would be too cowardly to undo it.
  • Sometimes you have to take one for the team to keep a Clinton out of the White House.
  • Thank goodness the Jake Tappers of the world convinced us national security was no big deal during the Clinton secret server scandal or I would be petrified right now.
  • Just out of curiosity, do you think James Comey would have released his memos if it was President Hillary who fired him?
  • Kind of embarrassing that the author of The Art Of The Deal didn't get anything for that classified information. President Hillary would have gotten at least a couple hundred thou in donations to her foundation.
  • The only way we can have transparent government is if we only elect Republicans. The press doesn't seem to want to do their jobs when Democrats are in power.
  • The legislative filibuster is gone the second Dems take back the Senate. They wouldn't talk about it if they weren't going to do it and there's absolutely no advantage for Democrats to keep it.

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