Monday, July 24, 2017

This Tragedy We Call Life Part Two

In case I didn't make it explicit enough in the last post and I'm not sure I really should make it more explicit, but radiation and chemo are really hard on people. Especially the elderly. You have to be a pretty healthy 70 year old for oncologists to recommend radiation and 80 years old is kind of out there without the right conditions for improvement. Considering someone is heading to work tomorrow it looks like they've decided against further treatment sadly.

p.s. fuck cancer

update: Apparently McCain started radiation and chemo on Monday (8/1). Which now makes me wonder if he really was dragged out to D.C. and delayed treatment just to cast a stupid vote. You normally wait for the surgery to heal and for the swelling to go down before you start radiation, which you start as soon as possible, and usually a week after you're released from the hospital. So he was healthy enough to fly and then hobnob with senators but not healthy enough to have radiation?

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