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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Obama Puts The Git In GitmoLogic™

Holy nutsacks, Batman! That empty vessel of a human being that we call "the president" is applying GitmoLogic™ to our national defense! And by GitmoLogic™, I mean that Barry is trying to appease our enemies with gestures that they could care less about, but which seriously endanger the lives of Americans. Because, as is necessary for someone trying to destroy a country he hates (apparently), Barry is working overtime to render the U.S. defenseless by scaling back our nuclear arsenal. I believe he uses the term "sweeping", as in "a lot". Of course, maybe Barry doesn't just hate America. Heck, maybe Barry hates a whole host of non-socialist countries. Maybe he's pissed at the Poles. Maybe he thinks the Japs are whack. Maybe he's cross with the Czechs. He might even think the Bulgars are vulgar and the Latvians are ludicrous. Sure, we're responsible for the defense of more than our own country, but screw those Eastern European countries, they were better off under a socialist regime. And screw those Asian countries too, they will be totally awesome under China's control. If Barry isn't willing to oppose a fascist dictator in Honduras, maybe we should take the hint that maybe he's not really trying to oppose a fascist dictator. Anywhere. But anyway, this part of the article is what annoys me even further.

"A core issue under debate, officials said, is whether the United States should shed its long-standing ambiguity about whether it would use nuclear weapons in certain circumstances, in hopes that greater specificity would give foreign governments more confidence to make their own decisions on nuclear arms.Some in the U.S. argue that the administration should assure foreign governments that it won't use nuclear weapons in reaction to a biological, chemical or conventional attack, but only in a nuclear exchange. Others argue that the United States should promise that it would never use nuclear weapons first, but only in response to a nuclear attack."

It's the last line that gets my non-explosives laden undies in a bunch. We're actually arguing over whether we should formally announce that we won't use nuclear weapons until after someone uses them on us. Nice. Barry must be quite a trusting little fellow to try to negotiate the terms at which we will be attacked. It's not like anyone in history has ever tried a sneak attack to gain some sort of military advantage. I'm sure in BarryBarryLand, a sneak attack would seem quite rude. Maybe he thinks all prospective enemies will submit some kind of form letter delineating how and when we will be attacked so that he can respond appropriately. Anything less neighbourly than that could force Barry to write a very stern letter. And may God help us if it ever comes to that!